Episode 17: Stick It Up Your Yeah (w/ Landon Letzkus)

Landon Letzkus is a DC-based performer best known as Reverend Stevedore Maybelline Bidet, Esq. of Church NIght and Church Night TV. On this episode, recorded at the Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe, Landon talks about what makes someone raised on a hippie commune with 15 parents decide to go to military school. Limp Bizkit is given its due. David is a little drunk.

Episode 16: Absolute Power Corrupts Shagadelically (w/ Johnny Fantastic)

For the return to Sadness Town following an 11-month government shutdown, David is joined by his friend Johnny Fantastic of DC-based electronic music outfit Stronger Sex. On this episode, recorded at the Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe in Washington, DC, Johnny and David discuss Christian rock music and mom jazz, and take Bob Dylan's kid to task for some poor life decisions. 

Episode 15: Exploring Our Bodies and Searching for Inspiration (w/ Pete Bergen)

Pete Bergen is a very funny comedian and improvisor from Alexandria, Virginia. On this episode, recorded at the Triangle Haus in Washington, DC, Pete brings some outstanding eighties percussion to the table, as well as an awful lot of honesty. Find out what it was like to be the subject of an organized team of haters in middle school, what happens when you put an unmarked tape in a girl's locker, and probably a lot more that you didn't expect to know about Pete.


Episode 14: Just a Lonely Man with a Single Spatula (w/ Blaine Josten)

Blaine Josten is a writer and humorist who has published his own annotated edition of "Sense and Sensibility." On this episode, Blaine and David discuss the high school carpool, the high school cover band, and the ongoing struggle of the working man. Shout-out to Modell's Sporting Goods.

Episode 13: How Justin Timberlake Learned to Beatbox (w/ Chelsea Shorte)

Chelsea Shorte is a very funny comedian based out of Washington, DC. On this episode, she tells David about going to high school in Richmond, Virginia, where Latin champions are born. David takes a shot at cry-singing and the two take Justin Timberlake to task for some past indiscretions.

Episode 10: Mr. Spartan (w/ Jheisson Nuñez)

Jheisson Nuñez is a wonderful, absurd comedian who sleeps in the same basement where this podcast is recorded. In this episode, back at the Bathtub Republic to close out 2014, Jheisson recounts some difficult chapters from his political and athletic careers and David completely loses track of what is happening.

Episode 9: Plus, the Guys Were Sexy (w/ Linsay Deming)

Linsay Deming is a delightful person who is a musician and a cohost of Church Night, a fantastic and weird live show that has become a D.C. mainstay in a very short time. Back at the Bathtub Republic in Washington, DC, David talks about some early sexual realizations and Linsay explains how teens rebel when they grow up in Iowa.

Episode 5: The Tapeman Cometh (w/ Jamel Johnson)

On the first episode recorded in the show's new digs at the Bathtub Republic, David clumsily attempts to start his first ever hip-hop beef before being joined by Jamel Johnson (comedian, frontman of the musical comedy experience Romane & Lettuce, namesake of a sandwich at this one place in Vienna, Virginia). David and Jamel reminisce about a more primitive time for file-sharing and Jamel tells the tale of a mystical figure from his past.

Episode 4: Quell Your Boner & Your Doubts (w/ Bengt Washburn)

Bengt Washburn is a fantastic comedian who has been performing all over the country for the past two decades. On this episode, recorded in the overwhelming purplitude of the upstairs room at Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar, Bengt tells David about growing up Mormon in Utah during the '70s and '80s. Power ballads are played and the king of groiny songs is crowned.

NOTE: Sorry about the audio. There was a fan behind the stage that came on intermittently during the show so there are a couple of four-minute increments where it sounds like we're recording outside on a windy day.